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RK - Photo by Paul Belliveau

WC -Photo by Paul Belliveau

JD - Photo by Paul Bellivaeu

SM - Photo by Paul Bellivaeu

AS - Photo by Paul Bellivaue

Superchargers DC9 Cover.jpg

The SuperChargers is rebel music, the inevitable and necessary next step for rock ‘n roll--honest and pure, blues and fire. Maybe you haven’t heard them yet, but you won’t stop talking about them once you do. So step inside this funhouse. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

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First Two Demos

by The SuperChargers

Expected to be released in early April!


Vocals & Percussion


Will Conway

Guitars & Backing Vocals


Sam Mandl

Guitars & Backing Vocals


Alex Stawiarski

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


Jake Deal

Drums & Percussion